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Article: Craftsman bolt out

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    Default Craftsman bolt out

    I managed to strip a bolt on my brakes the other day and thought Id give the Craftsman bolt out a try

    I was a little skeptical about them because they seemed gimmicky, but after reading several reviews I headed down to Sears and picked it up on sale for $15

    First issue I had with it was the wrench was too fat to fit where I needed it. I had to take off some other parts just to fit it in

    Second problem was the wrench only went 1 way. Meaning I couldnt use it to tighten. I know thats not its intended purpose, but thought it would be nice if I could use it to do that

    Last issue was it didn't work. I tried several times to get the bolt out, even pounded on it with a hammer to get the teeth in further.

    I finally resorted to going down to Ace and picked up a set of new vise grips

    Turns out I should have bought these first. I had the bolt out in about 5 minutes using them
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    Duct Tape, Vise Grips, and WD-40

    Glad you got it fixed
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    The bolt out I got from vatozone worked better than the one I got from Sears...
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    gotta love the vise grips, I use mine for near everything


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