HG4x4 Mod Day

August 25, 2008






Every once in a while it seems everyone’s vehicle needs something around the same time. Instead of each person trying to tackle their problems alone with all of their limited knowledge working at its hardest, we like to try to fit it all in one day so they can also have others’ help at their disposal too.

It also takes on a certain coolness factor, when you can cluster up as many cool Jeeps as possible into a parking lot. Using the scheduled day also consolidates everyone’s time, especially the ones that may not necessarily have a project of their own but may have knowledge to go around.

This time we had 8 vehicles show up and the absolute best part was that Geoff offered up his Auto Body shop and they all fit inside to do the work.


New springs were put in, death wobbles were solved, fuel sending and pumps were rectified, electrical was run, switches installed, rack builds started. All in all, everything on the to do list was accomplished. A lot of part sharing, tool sharing, and extra hands made marking off the lists go pretty smoothly. Big thanks again for all who were there, even the ones that just stopped in to see how it was going.




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